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Today’s breed of Seniors have actively picked up on living more fit and healthy lifestyles. Live and enjoy your golden years to the fullest! Read up on how you can live a healthier lifestyle.

Why Hobbies are Good for Seniors

As an older adult, you may feel that you have a lot of time on your hands most especially if you are retired. This makes it the perfect time to learn new things, rekindle old connections, and explore places you have never been to before.    Here are some hobbies that you may find interesting […]
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Life begins at 60!

Congratulations - you’ve reached 60 years old and you’ve attained your senior citizenship. You can now get your official senior citizen ID card and get plenty of perks and discounts in various participating establishments.    You’re also nearing the official Philippine retirement age, and that can be very good for you! You can now start […]
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The Benefits of Being a Senior Citizen

Everybody grows old eventually; however, many people still associate this as something undesirable. For every disadvantage there is to old age though, there are many more advantages to becoming a senior citizen in today’s society.   Here are some reasons why being a senior citizen is awesome:  More Time Being retired from work frees up […]
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Age-defying habits to start so you can stay young even at 60!

Being an older adult doesn’t mean you have to worry a lot and can’t have fun. By creating powerful habits to maintain your mind and body, you can stop the hands of time and enjoy your life to the fullest.  Positive habits are simple activities that can change your life for the better. If you […]
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Why Seniors Need to Play

Having some good fun in life may sound simple and ordinary, but it may be more important than you think, especially for older adults. Simply by enjoying yourself through fun activities and interactions can play a key role in multiple areas of your life.    Research shows, engaging in fun and playful activities can be […]
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Power of Positivity

As we get older, our body begins to slow down and would need more care. That is why some research suggests that having a positive attitude could influence health-related outcomes later in life, just like exercise and diet.  A positive attitude could help you become healthier, mentally and physically. However, for some that's harder said […]
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Senior-friendly Sports or Workouts

Playing a game of basketball or  going out dancing with friends are some of the things that never get old. Unfortunately,  our bodies get old and many things that we enjoyed when we were younger we could not do now with the same vigor. What we do for fun and exercise then might be stressful […]
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Senior Mental Memory Activities

When we were kids, we learned to play many games growing up. Some of these games involve using memory power such as matching pictures and recalling a list of words or numbers. This important mental faculty was even required to get through our schooling.    Even as we are older, memory still plays an important […]
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Senior-friendly Hacks

Remember the days when your phone was as big as a brick and all you can do is make calls? Every year since then technology has made our phones smaller, more powerful, and most importantly, a complete life necessity. Mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches now come with an assortment of tools that can help make […]
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Activities that seniors can do to stay fit and healthy at age 60

There’s a good reason why they call it the “Golden Years”. It is not just any new chapter in life, but a milestone that celebrates new beginnings. However, you can also look at it from another perspective. That these years should be looked forward to and embraced as doors to new possibilities and opportunities await.  […]
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