Why Seniors Need to Play

Having some good fun in life may sound simple and ordinary, but it may be more important than you think, especially for older adults. Simply by enjoying yourself through fun activities and interactions can play a key role in multiple areas of your life. 


Research shows, engaging in fun and playful activities can be one key to living a long, healthy and happy life. It is important to note that the fun you should be having is one where you feel the joy of the experience and not one where you are trying to accomplish a goal like winning a competition or reaching a high score. 


Play has been associated with many benefits that can improve the quality of life of older adults. 


  • Improves Overall Wellbeing
    Having fun releases endorphins that greatly reduce stress and increase your feeling of happiness. Stress not only affects your mental health but your physical health as well. Being too stressed can negatively impact your immune system making you more prone to illness. Being in a state of happiness also lowers your blood pressure which reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems.
  • Helps in maintaining cognitive function
    When we play we use our creativity, imagination and logic. This is the type of mental  activity that helps maintain the neural pathways in our brain.  By keeping our brain stimulated we can prevent memory loss that comes with aging.
  • Fosters social connections and relationships
    The best way to have fun is with other people. However, with the ongoing pandemic it would be much safer to do this online or if you are fully vaccinated.  Humans being social creatures, we develop our sense of compassion, empathy and intimacy when we interact with other people. The interactions we have with others help us develop our EQ and social skills which in turn makes us better people persons. Having people around can also help lighten our mood and  lower the risk of depression.

Incorporating playful activities in your routine can help you live a happier, more optimistic and even healthier life. Here are the different types of activities you can explore and enjoy by yourself or with a partner:

  • Mental Activities - board games, crossword puzzles, video/mobile games
  • Active Games and Sports - golf, badminton, bowling
  • Active Learning - playing an instrument, learning a new language
  • Outdoor Activities - hiking, gardening, bicycling 


So start planning out all the things you can add into your routine to add playfulness to your life. Don’t forget to nourish your body as well with Birch Tree Advance Adult Nutritional Supplement Powdered Drink. It contains essential vitamins and minerals for seniors. Be strong and play more! 

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