Why Hobbies are Good for Seniors

As an older adult, you may feel that you have a lot of time on your hands most especially if you are retired. This makes it the perfect time to learn new things, rekindle old connections, and explore places you have never been to before. 


Here are some hobbies that you may find interesting that you can consider adding to your daily routine:


  • Gardening
    What is amazing about this activity is that you can start your own healthy indoor garden. The produce you grow can be harvested to be used in your home made dishes. Another benefit to gardening is that it relieves stress and keeps you active.  
  • Cooking
    Learning to cook your own food can inspire you to create your very own healthy meal plan. Cooking is an activity that can stir up creativity and quick thinking that is good for your mental health.  
  • Learning a new Language or Instrument
    Learning something as complex as a language or musical instrument can be fun and fulfilling. The journey of this learning process requires focus, creativity and memorization, all important in stimulating your brain and keeping it healthy.  
  • Group Sports
    Sports are a great way to maintain a healthy body. What makes this even more fun is playing with a friend or a group of friends. The social interaction makes the games more fun and will encourage you to play with more vigor and enthusiasm. In a state of having fun, stress is reduced and negative emotions are washed away. Some sports you can learn to play are swimming, golf, tennis and bowling.  
  • Community Activities
    These activities are a great way to give back to the community. Community outreach, joining charity events, advocating a noble cause are some examples of activities that bring positive change to our community. The act of helping another human being has a positive effect on your emotions and mental wellbeing. Try to reach out to your community or a non government / non profit group and find out what their community programs are.  

Having a hobby you enjoy not only keeps you busy but makes you happy as well. A positive disposition in life can work wonders for your mind and body. These are reasons why you need a hobby during your senior years: 


  • A healthy body
    Having an active lifestyle can make your body stronger and more flexible. This will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and the risk of falling due to imbalance.  
  • An active mind
    Mental exercises help stimulate the neural pathways in your brain. Keeping these pathways active helps prevent memory loss that can lead to Alzhimer’s Disease.  
  • A social life
    Like they say, no man is an island. Life is fuller with those who are close to you. Being around people can bring out the dopamine that can lessen stress and prevent depression.  
  • A holistic life
    A positive mindset and a healthy lifestyle will make your senior years lively and amazing. There is a lot of time to fill with new and wonderful memories with your friends and family. Enjoy life!


There are many other hobbies out there for you to explore. Find out what piques your interest and always remember to have fun while doing it. Hobbies can be exhausting even if you're having a good time. Always remember to nourish your body with Birch Tree Advance - the Adult Nutritional Supplement Powder Drink, specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of older adults. Drink Birch Tree Advance today!

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