Life begins at 60!

Congratulations - you’ve reached 60 years old and you’ve attained your senior citizenship. You can now get your official senior citizen ID card and get plenty of perks and discounts in various participating establishments. 


You’re also nearing the official Philippine retirement age, and that can be very good for you! You can now start doing new activities or pursuing the things you are truly passionate about.


Want some inspiration? There are plenty of stories of seniors who didn’t let their age stop them, such as:


  1. The grandfather from Cebu who graduated with a degree in AB Political Science from the University of the Visayas-Dalaguete at 78 years old, and planned to pursue law immediately after. When people asked him why he went to college at such an old age, his reply was very simple: “It’s never too late.”


  1. The senior association that has been undergoing training from the Department of Trade and Industry regarding pricing, marketing, and the development of entrepreneurial mindsets. This particular association is one of the important stakeholders of the developing bamboo industry in their area. Not bad for seniors, eh?


  1. This senior citizen turned into an entrepreneur and started selling healthy cold-pressed juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables.  From creating juices specifically for her daughters who just gave birth, she is now catering to the juicing needs of many people, including a bunch of well-known celebrities who are her regular customers. She has even been featured in ABS-CBN’s My Puhunan and interviewed by Karen Davila!


  1. Another grandfather who recently applied to a call center in Cebu. At 73 years old, he figured he had nothing to lose if he tried to apply, and so he did. He lined up at a job fair and went through the whole recruitment process. And the best part is, he passed! He is now one of the newest agents at that BPO company.


  1. This 66-year old breast and colon cancer survivor that is vision impaired finished online marketing courses in Digital Marketer while working freelance and writing emails for different clients. She almost wasn’t able to get to enroll in her courses because she wasn’t techy, but that didn’t stop her from getting her certificates in four different courses.


As an older adult, the time you once did not have is now very much available to you. Now, you can fill your soul with a wealth of love and experiences. Being a senior also means that you now have plenty of experiences that you can draw on to help make the world even better.


Of course, do not forget that a healthy mind and body can get you going in your day-to-day living. Make sure to nourish yourself with Birch Tree Advance - the Adult Nutritional Supplement Powder Drink, specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of older adults. 


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