Senior-friendly Sports or Workouts

Playing a game of basketball or  going out dancing with friends are some of the things that never get old. Unfortunately,  our bodies get old and many things that we enjoyed when we were younger we could not do now with the same vigor. What we do for fun and exercise then might be stressful and dangerous for our bodies now that we are older.


However, this should not stop you from exercising because keeping our bodies active is as important then as it is now. We just have to be more mindful about which exercises are safe and beneficial for our bodies. 


Why is exercise important for older adults? 


  • Helps improve body functions
    Keeping our bodies active also helps keep our bodily functions in shape such as our immune system and our healing factor. Exercise will help stave off infections and inflammation while also improving the speed our bodies heal wounds by 25%. 
  • Prevents chronic diseases
    Exercise is proven to delay or prevent chronic and fatal diseases like diabetes, cancer and stroke.
  • Reinforces balance and stability
    Our muscles and bones become weaker with age leading to slips and falls that are dangerous. Exercise helps in preventing this by strengthening our body leading to improved functional reach and balance.
  • Overall improvement in our wellbeing
    Exercise not only improves our body but our mind as well. Keeping active helps improve our mood and alleviates the symptoms of depression and anxiety. 


It is recommended that older adults should do some form of exercise even if it is a light activity. Here are some exercise activities you can do even while at home: 


  • Be physically active. Light activity such as walking in your home is already good exercise.
  • Alternate aerobic and strength training days.  
  • Do your exercises for at least 30 mins a day for 5 days every week
  • Lessen time sitting down or lying in bed. Always try to keep moving. 
  • Always remember to keep hydrated and properly nourished.


Here are some great exercises that can help you get started on your routine: 


  • Aerobic and bodyweight exercises
  • Light Yoga, Zumba, Dancing
  • Exercises using Resistance Bands and Light Weights
  • Walking, Light Biking
  • Golf 


Exercise is good for your mind and body. It lightens your mood while strengthening your muscles. That is why it is important to remain active even as we are older. It is also important to be properly nourished  too.


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