Senior-friendly Hacks

Remember the days when your phone was as big as a brick and all you can do is make calls? Every year since then technology has made our phones smaller, more powerful, and most importantly, a complete life necessity. Mobile phones, tablets, and smartwatches now come with an assortment of tools that can help make your life easier and safer as a senior citizen. 

Smart gadgets now are made accessible to all demographics, from kids to senior citizens and to those with disabilities. Here are some of the features that can make using your phone much more convenient: 

  • You can change the size of the text
    If you find that the default text size of your smartphone is hard to read there are accessibility options that can make the letters bigger.
  • Make typing easier
    By making the keyboard bigger in the settings menu, you will now have an easier time tapping the right keys when texting.
  • Ask your virtual assistant
    Phones now come with a virtual assistant that you can instruct using voice commands. You can call contacts, go to apps and even search Google all by just asking your device. 


Once you are familiar with the layout of your device here are some basic tools that can help you in your day to day activities:

  • Calculator
    All gadgets now come with this very basic tool. Now you have an accessible calculator in your pocket should you need to do some number crunching. 
  • Flashlight
    Lights went out? No need to panic. Your phone has a flashlight that is usually found on the lock or home screen for easy access. 
  • Calendar and Reminders
    Now you have an app that can save and remind you of your day to day appointments. You can set reminders such as your maintenance medicine schedules or your doctor’s appointment so you won't forget. 

However, the most important feature your device has for you is its ability to monitor your health. Being able to track your vital information will provide you and your doctor data that could help save your life. Every gadget may have its own version of a “Health” application but here are the common features they offer : 

  • It can track your exercise
    Not only can your phone track the steps you take everyday but paired with a smartwatch you can also monitor your heart rate as well. This is perfect if you are prescribed an exercise regimen. 
  • You can monitor your sleep
    This feature reminds you of your sleeping hours. It even puts your phone on silent during your set sleeping time. If you need a full night's rest this will make sure you are not disturbed. 
  • It also has a food tracker
    You can log the food you eat so that you can keep track of your calorie and nutrition intake daily. This is a good way to find out if you are reaching your recommended daily value of nutrients.

With all the tools at the tip of your finger tip, you are now many steps ahead in living a safe and healthy lifestyle. However, tracking your exercise and food intake is not enough without knowing your nutrition goals. If you visit you will find a wealth of information on senior nutrition and healthy living. Don’t forget to bookmark our site by going to settings and tapping ‘Bookmark’ so you will always be updated with the latest tips and information. 

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