Power of Positivity

As we get older, our body begins to slow down and would need more care. That is why some research suggests that having a positive attitude could influence health-related outcomes later in life, just like exercise and diet. 

A positive attitude could help you become healthier, mentally and physically. However, for some that's harder said than done, especially now with the pandemic still around us. Here are some tips to get you started towards the road of positivity: 

  • Smile more
    The simple act of smiling can turn a stressful situation around. Smiling can help calm you down which in turn  slows down elevated heart rate and lowers blood pressure. Like they say, smiling makes you look, and in this case, and feel younger.
  • Focus on the positive
    There are many things that can stress someone out. For instance, being stuck at home during a lockdown was one of the causes of anxiety for many people during the pandemic. Instead of stressing about not going out, you can think about all the things you could do at home but did not have time for before like - exercising more often, making healthier meals, and reconnecting with your friends and family online.
  • Filter out negative thinking
    We need to be proactive in filtering the negative from our way of thinking. There are a few types such as: 

    • Catastrophizing - where you automatically anticipate the worst even from simple things such as getting caught in morning traffic and viewing it as a sign of a bad day ahead. 
    • Personalizing - this is the mindset of blaming oneself for the bad things that happen. An example of this is when your family or friends cancel an outing, and you quickly assume that it was canceled because they do not want to be with you. 

There are many things that can go wrong on any given day but it is up to ourselves to always see things in a positive light for the sake of our mind and body. 

Once you have built a positive mindset, research shows that you will be able to enjoy many benefits that come for the power of your mind:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Better physical health 
  • Better Immune System
  • Lower chance of heart attack
  • Less chances of depression

A positive demeanor and an optimistic mindset is good for you both mentally and physically. However, good health cannot happen with good thoughts only. Feed your mind and body. Birch Tree Advance Adult Nutritional Supplement Powdered Drink contains essential vitamins and minerals for seniors. Enjoy life and feel healthier! Drink Birch Tree Advance today!

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