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As we get older, our body is more prone to injury and various health problems. It is important for senior adults and their families to find out how to prevent health issues before they can cause any harm. 


That is why when it comes to health, it is a very good habit to consult your doctor and get your Annual Physical Exam (APE). When you have a checkup, your doctor will evaluate your physical and mental wellbeing so they can give you a diagnosis and work with you towards prevention or treatment. 


Here are some things you can do for  your next checkup: 


  • Blood Pressure
    It is important to always keep tabs on your blood pressure levels. Increased levels is a sign of hypertension that can lead to stroke and heart disease.
  • Blood Sugar Test
    Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease that arises from high blood sugar levels. This disease is one of the leading causes of death in the Philippines. 
  • Vision and Hearing Test
    As we age, our vision and hearing deteriorates. It is a good idea to have these tests early to prevent the onset of worse issues such as cataracts for the eyes and infections for the ears.
  • Dental Exam
    Oral health is important especially for older adults. Your specialist can check your teeth, mouth and throat for any signs of infections that may lead to more serious problems.
  • Electrocardiography (ECG)
    An ECG records the electrical activity of your heart and returns data such as heart rate and rhythm. This test is used to detect if you have an enlarged heart that puts you at risk for heart disease. 


All these test results can be evaluated by your personal doctor. On top of that your doctor can give you access to more advanced tests such as bone density and cancer screening exams that can help you take steps in preventing more serious health issues from arising. 


If you do not have a doctor yet, there are medical specialists called geriatric doctors you can try to contact. 

Geriatric doctors specialize in caring for older people. They help reduce the costs related to aging by providing more preventive medical care. Also, they  work with caregivers and family members to manage their patient’s treatment and care needs.


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