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One of the things that was brought about by the pandemic was the trend of home gardening. This started the “Plantitas” and “Plantitos” craze that spread on social media like wildfire. Though the roots (no pun intended) of this trend came from self reflection and self care during a time of high anxiety, there are many benefits to home gardening especially when we grow our own food. 

If you introduce food gardening into your lifestyle you can reap many of its proven benefits


    • It adds more to your table
      Having your own food garden is like having your own fresh produce section in your home. If you need a tomato, it would be great to just pick it in your own backyard. Not only will this supplement your foodstores at home, it will also lessen the amount of produce bought from the grocery store. 
    • You get fresh and nutritious food
      Produce grown in your garden is an accessible source of nutrients for your body. It is now easier to boost your meals with Calcium and Magnesium from your sides of organic vegetables with a trip to your own garden. 
  • It is good for the mind and body
    Gardening is proven to be good for your mental health as this activity improves mood and lowers anxiety. It is good for your body too since gardening can provide you with the exercise and sunlight you need for a healthy body. 


Here are the things to consider to help get you started on your own homegrown sustainable food garden:


  • Choose the right plant. Plants native to our weather and soil will be easy to grow. 
  • Build the right bed or pot for your plants. Each plant grows differently so research the perfect bed for your ideal plant.
  • Plant in the right season. Many plants have a specific time frame for growing. Be aware of which season is the best to start growing each of your plant varieties. 
  • Use the right fertilizer for your plant. There are many types of fertilizer so be aware of the different types and which one is best for your plants.
  • Choose the right soil for your plants. Just like fertilizers, there are different soil types for different plant varieties. Find out which type of soil is best for your plants. 


Now that you are ready to start your very own garden you might want to start planting fruits and vegetables that are easy to grow and good for your health. These are some produce native to the Philippines that also are good sources of Calcium and Magnesium for good healthy bones and muscles:  

    • Tomatoes
      This fruit is a staple in Filipino delicacies and is very rich in nutrients. A 150g serving contains a good amount of Magnesium (19.8 mg, 8.25% DV*) and a lot of Vitamin C (24.7mg, 35.29% DV).
    • Mustard / Mustasa
      A bitter vegetable that goes well with your sinigang ad ensalada. A 56g serving of Mustasa contains Calcium (64.4 mg, 8.05% DV) and Magnesium (17.92 mg, 7.47% DV). It is also an excellent source of Vitamin C (39.2 mg, 56% DV).
  • Water Spinach / Kangkong
    This highly nutritious vegetable is used in many Filipino dishes. A 100g serving of Kangkong is a good source of Magnesium (71mg, 29.58% DV) and Calcium (77mg, 9.62% DV). 
  • Okra
    A tasty vegetable for your homemade Pinakbet, a 100g serving of Okra contains Calcium (82mg, 10.25% DV) and Magnesium (57mg, 23.75% DV).


Homegrown fruits and vegetables are a good source of Calcium and Magnesium. However, this may not be enough in giving you the optimal nutrition for your daily needs. You can supplement your diet with Birchtree Advance, an adult nutritional supplement powdered drink that contains Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D for strong and healthy bones and muscles. Be strong and fit in your senior years, drink Birchtree Advance today! 

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