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The most common cause of falls among older adults is a slip, trip, or fall that happens on a hard surface in the home. Even one fall can be threatening for an older adult. If you want to remain safe in your own home as you age, safety modifications are a must.


Knowing that you are safe in your home can be pleasant, but you need to take steps to make sure it is a safe place to live in. Here are some tips that can help you get started in creating a safe place to live: 


  • Proactive Safety
    As a senior, you must always be ready just in case an emergency might happen. That is why it is important to keep emergency contacts on speed dial or written on a note beside the landline. Emergency numbers include your loved ones, your doctor, the police or the barangay.
  • Fall-Proofing your home
    Falls are very dangerous especially for older people however its chances could be mitigated if proper safeguards are in place. First thing to consider is the use of safety equipment around the home such as anti-slip mats, motion activated night lights and grab bars in high risk areas of the home such as stairs or the shower. Also, being aware of the side effects of medications can help your guardian or caregiver plan a safe time for your indoor walk.
  • Decluttering
    Having many items lying around the house can increase the risk of a fall. Things as simple as a misplaced children’s toy, a rag (basahan) or electrical cables can be a danger to a senior walking around the house. For safety, you can use cable ties or wire management accessories to help keep those stray cables from becoming trip hazards.
  • Rearrange Furniture
    Furniture in the wrong place can be dangerous. A low table can be a trip hazard especially in low lighted areas. Sharp table and counter corners can also cause injury if it is hit accidentally. That is why putting furniture away from the pathways of your house can decrease the risk of an accident. Also changing your furniture or adding bump protections on furniture with sharp corners can help prevent potential injury. 


There are many other ways to make your living spaces senior-proof. You should try to consult your doctor, caregiver and interior designer for a more in-depth plan for your home. 

Senior-proofing your home will enable you to have more freedom around your own house. It might take some effort and cost to cover all the bases but the sense of security that you and your loved ones will feel makes it worth it. So start planning the changes you need for your home. Also make sure you have proper nutrition needed in your senior years. Drink Birch Tree Advance Adult Nutritional Supplement Powder Drink, specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of older adults. Power up! Drink Birch Tree Advance today

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